5 Signs Your Ex Boyfriend Wants You Back

Breakups are hard. You spend so much time with someone, then to be pushed away, and that feeling of not being wanted anymore…well, it’s tough and it hurts! Then to make things even more confusing, you think your ex boyfriend might want you back. Or are you just reading into things too much? Here are 5 signs your ex boyfriend wants you back.

Sign #1: He’s Contacting You…A Lot

This might be an obvious sign that is hard to overlook and not say that he’s probably into you again. But it should come without stating the obvious, that if he broke up with you yet is still calling you, texting you, and wanting to do things with you, he probably doesn’t want the relationship to be over. Be careful that he’s not just trying to use you for a late night, drunk booty call though.

Sign #2: Talking About the Good Ol’ Times

If you find yourself conversion with your ex a lot about how good things were back in the day, it could be a sign he wants you back. Why only talk about how good things used to be if he isn’t aiming to get those good feelings back, right?

Sign #3: His Entire Demeanor is Changing

Is he working on drastically improving himself? I don’t know the exact reasoning behind your specific breakup, but if you broke up with him and now you find him showing up at your doorstep wearing nicer clothes and presenting himself in a different, but albeit better manner, it probably means he wants you back.

Motivated men will do anything to get back what they want. And they will even take drastic means to do it. Working out, working more hours, setting things in motion by taking more positive action; these are all signs that he is at least trying to improve his life. And if he is letting you know about it…and if you are actually seeing a difference in front of your very own eyes, it’s likely a sign he is doing those things because he wants to get you back.

Sign #4: Speaking Positively About You

Besides speaking to you the obvious, that he misses you and wants you back, there are other subtle signs in his language that could mean the same thing. If he is constantly talking about you to your friends and/or family, and saying nice things about you, this is a tell-tale sign he wants you back. Especially if he talks about how good you are right to your face.

Sign #5: He Finds Excuses To Contact You

If you find your phone ringing constantly or your texts blowing up from him, even about the smallest of things, he wants you back. He doesn’t really care if he left his missing flip-flops at your house, he wants to see you and he’ll look for any excuse to do it.


Most girls have been with their ex men long enough to pick up on these subtle signs, but if you’re not sure the 5 signs listed above are the most obvious that come to my mind. Whatever you do, even if you do decide to get back with your ex boyfriend, make sure you give the breakup long enough to think rationally and always adhere to the no contact rule at first. You can find more information on this by checking out my ex boyfriend guide and watching the video if you haven’t already.

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