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Ex Boyfriend Advice – Warm Him Up if He Has Cold Feet

“I’m coming over. I need to talk.” I don’t think I’m ever going to forget getting that text on a sunny Saturday afternoon a few weeks ago. Tom and I had been dating for three months at that point. I knew him well enough to know what he probably wanted to talk about: he was […]

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Does Your Ex Boyfriend Want You Back?

Is it possible to reignite a past relationship? Absolutely YES! In fact, you can get back together with your ex boyfriend and make the new relationship even better. As women, most of the time we let that dream guy go just because the relationship ended. That situation is made even worse by the fact that […]

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Getting Back With An Ex Boyfriend IS Possible!

Breakups can be devastating. A breakup doesn’t only mean that a relationship is over, but it also means that one can’t continue being together with the person whom they really love. However, history is replete with couples who have gotten back together after being away from each other for several years. That means you too […]

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Love Poems to Get Him Back

Have you thought of using love poems to get him back? Let’s face it, it’s hard enough not being around your ex boyfriend simply because of a little misunderstanding. However, doing nothing to rekindle the relationship is much worse. Instead of waiting for that important call or text, or crying yourself out, why don’t you […]

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