Does Your Ex Boyfriend Want You Back?

Is it possible to reignite a past relationship? Absolutely YES! In fact, you can get back together with your ex boyfriend and make the new relationship even better.

As women, most of the time we let that dream guy go just because the relationship ended. That situation is made even worse by the fact that we are always reluctant to hit on past (and even new) men; regardless of how great they were in the relationship.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way. You can totally reinvent your past relationship. The only question that you need to ask yourself is does your ex boyfriend want you back?

His Mind after a Breakup

Contrary to popular belief, men do have feelings – very deep ones. The major difference between you and him is that you will exhibit yours more than he will his. Furthermore, your feelings will come and go easily but his will tend to linger around for a longer period.

Now, if you are dating him then it is obvious that he has invested some emotions in the relationship. So what happens when you two breakup?

does your boyfriend want you back

Well, his initial reaction will be happiness. Most guys take a breakup as freedom served on a silver platter – no commitment or obligation to someone. However, after a while (it could be days, weeks, months or even years), he will start to reminisce about the relationship. He will think of the value you added in his life. It could be material or non-material stuff – but either way he will think of you.

Recall that his feelings are more intense compared to yours and they don’t fade away easily. At that particular period, he wants you back and he will even give tell-tale signs of that.

The Signs

Sign #1: Doesn’t date someone else for a long time

If a considerable period has passed and he has not started to date someone else yet then he might be hoping that you will come back. The same holds if he is going out with women but not in a serious manner – you know, just for the sake of going on a date.

If he is doing that then it means he has not gotten over you yet and he is not willing to replace you. So obviously he wants you back.

Sign #2: Keeps in touch with you

The second way to tell if he wants you back is if he keeps in touch with you. A guy who has moved on will break all contact and might not even reply when you initiate it. The more the contact the more he wants you back. Watch out for awkward calls and texts (e.g. when he calls yet he has nothing to say).

Sign #3: Asks about your relationship status

If he asks about your dating situation then most likely he is interested in enticing you back to his arms. The only reason that might make him to ask you if you are in a committed relationship is because he wants to know his prospects in dating you.

Sign #4: Talks openly about himself and his feelings

Another sign that indicates he wants you back is if he talks like you two never broke up. Such talk includes info on his daily life and schedule. He might also talk about his feelings in the process. In most cases he will confess to missing you and wanting to have sex with you. In addition to that, watch out for social media status updates that suggest he is missing you. Such talks and updates are even more informative if he insists that he is not dating someone else (even if he is).

Sign #5: Brings up good memories and talks about the future

Does he constantly bring up good memories in your conversations? Does he talk about the good times that you had when you two were dating? If yes then he is probably missing you and he wants you back. Though he might be doing it subconsciously, he is actually trying to make you see that you two were good together.

Apart from that, he might also talk about the future and place you in it. That means in his mind he anticipates that the two of you will get back together.

Sign #6: Voluntarily re-hashes the breakup

The sixth tell-tale sign is re-hashing the breakup. In this case, he will review the reasons why the relationship ended in a very reasonable and calm manner (that doesn’t put blame on either him or you). If he wants you back so badly then he might go a notch higher and put the blame on himself. Therefore, he will be trying to figure out what went wrong in the relationship and that is a deliberate attempt to show his regrets and thus tie the loose ends.

Sign #7: Starts treating you nicely

One strange thing about a guy who wants you back is that he will treat you very nicely – probably nicer than he ever treated you when you were his girlfriend. Basically, he might become a better version of the guy you dated. He will give you warm and memorable moments than he ever did. This is a deliberate attempt to prove to you that he has changed and he will treat you very well if you take him back.  Read More Here

Sign #8: He Stalks you

A reasonable guy who wants you back will not stalk you per se but he will look for creative ways of knowing things about you. He might check your social media or ask your friends. But how can you tell that he is doing so? Well, if he mentions something that you are sure you never told him then that is an obvious sign that he has been digging for info about you.

You can also inquire (smartly) from the mutual friends that you have if he asks about you or if he still talks about you. In some cases, he might create situations where you keep walking into him. That means he sort of knows your schedule and wants to see you without asking you out.

Sign #9: Those touchy hands

This is a pretty obvious sign. Anyone who keeps touching you definitely wants you. If he is a former lover then any form of intentional body contact means that he misses the physical intimacy that the two of you had.


Now you know what to watch out for if you want to establish whether your ex boyfriend wants you back. Please note that anger isn’t always a negative thing. He might be angry at you because he regrets that the relationship ended. That does not necessarily mean that he doesn’t want you back. Now buckle up and get your man back!