Getting Back With An Ex Boyfriend IS Possible!

Breakups can be devastating. A breakup doesn’t only mean that a relationship is over, but it also means that one can’t continue being together with the person whom they really love. However, history is replete with couples who have gotten back together after being away from each other for several years.

That means you too can get back with your ex-boyfriend if you cherished the time you were with him and now you want him back. Irrespective of the reasons why your relationship with him came to an end, the good news is that you can still get back with your ex-boyfriend no matter how worse you think the situation is. Here are some tips to help you get back with him.

1. Don’t start another relationship yet

While you may think that being with a new guy will help you get over the man whom you truly love, the truth is that it will never work especially if you still have strong feelings for him. The fact that you want him back means that you really love him and that no other man can be a perfect replacement for him. At the same time, you shouldn’t get a new guy just to make him jealous. You might think that doing that will help you get his attention, only to make him think that you have already found another man.

2. Why did the breakup happen?

getting back with ex boyfriend

You need to re-evaluate your relationship with your man and then look at the underlying factors that lead to your breakup. You also need to figure out whether the same factors are most likely to lead to more relationship problems once you are together again. If there is anything that you have done in the past that might have led to the breakup, then it is important you address that issue first. At times, you may realize that you are actually the one to blame for the breakup.

3. Forgive him

Forgiveness is crucial to restoring a relationship. Even after the two of you get back together, you will still have the same relationship problems if at all you can’t truly forgive each other. After all, you can’t be together yet both of you are enemies. In this case, forgiveness should start with you since you are actually the one who wants him back. It is therefore good you forgive him if at all he did something wrong to you. Again, you need to let him know that you have truly forgiven him as well. You never know whether he might actually forgive you, hence marking a new beginning in your relationship.

4. Change yourself for the better

While changing yourself may not be easy, it is however important because it can help make your relationship better than it was previously. After all, you can’t expect your relationship to get any better if you keep on doing things the same way you have been doing. Take time to invest in yourself. The better you get, the higher the chances of having a long-lasting relationship with your man once you get back together. One of the things you can do to change yourself for the better is building your self-esteem. With a healthy self-esteem, then you can be assured of having a healthy, long-lasting relationship.

5. Initiate contact

This is definitely the key to getting in touch with your man. In most cases, couples can go for days, months or a year without seeing each other or talking to each other after breaking up. Even if you have not seen him or talked to him for a long time, then it is important you initiate contact if you have already decided that you want to be with him once again. But even as you are initiating contact, you should however do it cautiously lest he end up deeming you as desperate. You can send him a text message at first. Don’t say that you have resolved to get back with him. It should sound more of greetings. Again, you should do it once in a while rather than doing it frequently. The aim here is to let him desire you and make him want to be with you again, without giving him any hint that you are indeed the one who wants your relationship to continue. If he responds to your texts, you can then start calling him and having a conversation with him over the phone more regularly.

6. Start spending time with him

After you have done the difficult job of initiating contact with him, then you can proceed and start spending time with him. You can go out for a drink or indulge in an activity together as friends, something like playing a game together, attending an event or watching a movie. However, don’t see it as an opportunity to ask him back. In fact, you shouldn’t mention anything about your relationship at this point unless he personally brings it up. Wait until both of you have made a great impression on each other.

7. Give him reasons to get back with you

Once you have started spending time with him, you can start giving and showing him reasons why he should get back with you. You can do this by highlighting your strengths or accentuating the traits he loves in you. The point here is letting him see the girl whom he once fell in love with. Start giving him hints that he is still the man whom you want to spend your life with.

8. Talk candidly about your relationship

By now, it is apparent you have succeeded in convincing him that you really want to be back with each other. Therefore, you can openly talk about your relationship and how you would like it to be. You should also listen to what he has to say about your relationship. Most importantly, you should ask him whether he thinks that you should continue being together or not. Talking candidly about your relationship will help you understand each other better, hence boosting your chances of having a great relationship once again.

9. Commit yourself to having a great relationship

Once you have decided to be together with each other again, it is important for both of you to commit yourself to having a great relationship to avoid the problems that led to your last breakup. As such, you need to talk to each other so that you can agree on some of the things you can do to have a better relationship.

With these tips for getting back with your ex-boyfriend right at your fingertips, chances are high that you will finally get back with the man whom you truly love. Read our home page for more information.