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How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back When He Broke Up With You

The pain of losing your boyfriend after being together for so long is tough, I know. And all you can think about is how bad you hurt and how to best rectify this pain you feel by winning him back as fast as possible. How to get your boyfriend back when he broke up with you is possible, but you must first think logically and here are a few tips to help.

First Consider Why He Broke Up With You

Of course, all relationships are unique and the reason yours ended most certainly has a reason that is likely different than another. So you must first take a step back and ask yourself what happened, and why are things the way they are right now.

Thinking logically is tough when you are in the state of mind you are in right now, so make sure you give yourself time to calm down and relax before you start to piece things together. Rational thought only comes from a rational state of mind.

Once you have a clear mind, ask yourself what happened to end the relationship. Is there another woman? Have you guys been fighting constantly or one big fight? Did you cheat on him? Was it a combination of things that have been adding up over time?

You might not have the exact answer you are looking for, but it is important nevertheless to understand what might have caused him to break up with you. Don’t assume anything. Rather do your best to really work out what happened. Knowing what caused the breakup will help you realize the next steps you have to take in order to get him back.

Putting Together an Action Plan

I could go down a myriad of steps on what to do next, but without knowing your specific circumstances of what caused him to breakup with you, it would be pretty useless. Instead, let me give you a few general tips on what you should do next no matter the reason.

As soon as you have identified the why, it is your job to remedy that why and patch things up with him. But it is important to be patient here. I cannot stress this enough, so let me repeat this. BE PATIENT.

What I mean is don’t start immediately texting him, calling him, or showing up at his door step. You need to give him space right now. TIME will also have him reflecting on what just happened and could work in your favor. Once you give it some time, a week or more, then proceed to contact him and take slow action steps to win back his love and affection.

Make Contact But Don’t Push It

It is very important to not push things too fast right away. When you do make first contact, make it as a friend and understand wounds take time to heal. If you act too fast and come on too hard, it will only reinforce his reasons for breaking up with you and it will ruin any shot you have to get him back.

If you are looking for more information on how to get your ex boyfriend back, please read more here where I go into greater detail on this subject.

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