How To Win Back A Guy

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Or so the saying goes. But after you and your man break off your relationship, coming off desperate is not a good strategy to approach. Men do not like desperate women. Will they give in to the drunk dials and late night rendezvous? Yes, without a doubt. But these unflattering antics will not work in the long run. Here is some real sound advice on how to win back a guy.

Communicate and Apologize

If you’ve gotten to this page, it’s likely that your relationship ended for valid reasons. Whether you want to admit that at this stage or not may be another topic. But the sooner you realize that he probably broke it off with you because he had good reason, the sooner you can learn to correct that mistake or mistakes and begin to mend the relationship.

So it is key to be open and communicate all the reasons the breakup happened. And instead of chiming in and downplaying every reason that comes out of his mouth, it is best to just zip it and listen. Agree with him. Tell him he’s right and apologize for everything.

It is natural to want to be right, and when you acknowledge that he is right, he’ll feel like he has won but really you are only setting the stage to make moves to get him back. You are speeding up the process the faster you apologize and admit to all wrong doing, even if it wasn’t all your fault.

Take Your Time

Whatever you do, do not move too far too fast. When you are communicating and apologizing, don’t immediately admit that you want to get back with him and mend the relationship. Trying to turn the tide too soon will only turn him off and push him away farther than he already is. Patience wins the race here and you will be rewarded if you are patient and understand that this process will take time if you want to get him back for good.

Be happy with yourself being single and make sure that he can see that you are doing just fine without him. Eventually, if you play your cards right, he will be the one that asks you to get back together, and that is exactly what we are going for here.

Make Him Come Back to You

Whatever you do, do not make it easy for him to get back together. I know you want nothing more than to be in his arms and move on back to the way things were. But when you make him have to do the work, there’s a better chance of winning him back for good.

Guy’s love feeling like they’ve won something. When they have to work at something and that work pays off, they feel a great sense of pride and accomplishment. So what we want to do is just make them feel like they are having to work to get you back.

And the reason they will want you back is because you are going to exude your single girl confidence of being without him. Flaunt it and make him know that things are fine and he was absolutely right to break things off with you. When he sees that he’s not needed, this will drive him crazy because guys love being needed.

More Information on How to Win Back Your Guy

I have a lot more information about tips, tricks, strategies and advice to win back your man. No matter how your breakup happened, just know that it is possible to get him back and that there are women all over the world who are going through the same things. Go through my website to read more, START HERE, and then move on to the videos and community. Thanks for reading my blog!!

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