How To Win Him Back For Good

If you find yourself constantly breaking up with your boyfriend and getting back together over and over again, and you’re sick of it, you really have two choices: You can either be done with your guy for good, or take the steps necessary to win him over and commit to being with him through thick and thin.

If you’re reading this article, I’ll assume it’s the latter and you want to know how to win him back for good and keep him so you’re not constantly dealing with heartbreak, which can wear on a girl, I know. Here are a few pieces of advice to make him want you so you have control in the relationship and do what you want and keep him around for as long as you want.

Reverse Psychology To Win Him Back For Good

The premise of reverse psychology is that you are basically telling someone they can’t do something in order to get them to actually do it. And yes it works if done the right way. And yes it can work perfect in relationships and you can certainly use it to your advantage to win back your man for good. Here’s how…

Men, by nature, like to be in control of things. If and when they feel like something is out of their control, they will try to regain control by doing exactly opposite of what they are asked. This happens naturally and subconsciously in the mind. If you can communicate to your boyfriend, or ex boyfriend, that his control is being taken away, he will naturally look for ways to get it back.

One perfect example of making this work is letting your man know that some of your friends and family were happy that the relationship didn’t work. This essentially is communicating to him that people ultimately don’t like him, and nobody likes to be disliked. A natural and subconscious reaction will be to remedy this by proving to them that he is indeed a good guy. What better way to prove this than to get back with you and make sure it works out?

So you can see how this could be effective. However, I stress “could” because it doesn’t work in all cases and could back fire just the same. So you need to be very careful how and if you should even use this method to try to win your man back for good.

However, if you want to give this a try, you need to be very subtle about it and play to your mans’ subconscious mind and not make it obvious at all in what you are trying to do.

As an example, you might mention how your mom reacted positively to the news of your breakup, but then at the same time mention how you don’t respect her opinion much on relationships anyhow.

By doing this, you’ve created a diversion and your boyfriends mind will store that emotion (how your mom reacted) subconsciously.

Little tricks like this can really work to win back your boyfriend for good. If you want more information and tactics on how to get him back, check out my main information page here and be sure to read the entire guide and watch the video at the end.

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