How To Win Him Back From Another Woman

A breakup is hard enough to go through, let alone having to deal with even more hurt learning your ex boyfriend is now with another woman! Put all your emotions to the side for a moment. If you want the best chance to win back his love and affection, you will need to hear me out. Here is how to win him back from another woman.

Let Your Actions Do The Talking

If you need to understand one thing about guys, understand that they don’t like to be smothered with a barrage of words….through text, phone calls, or face to face. If you immediately begin to beg him to come back or blow up his phone with a barrage of texts, this is only going to push him away farther and reinforce his reasoning for being away from you in the first place.

So what you should do instead is focus on yourself and show him that you are actually just fine without him.

I know this may seem pretty insane at this point, especially if he’s already with another woman, but when you convey that your sanity and happiness isn’t dependent on him, this will drive him crazy.

Keep your distance for a while and let him think that you are doing just fine, for now.

Work On Yourself

Take this time away from him to really improve on yourself. Men love independent, successful women. This is just the opposite of needy and completely dependent on your man. If he is with another girl and you are too forthcoming about wanting him back and you show your jealousness, this is going to ruin any chance you have to salvage your old relationship. At this point he will just retreat to his new girl and push you away even farther.

When you’re not around and sees that you are doing just fine, hanging out with your girls, working on your education and/or career, and just overall making yourself a better person….moving on without him will drive him crazy.

What you are doing by working on yourself is playing your cards right and setting things up to eventually win him back. Because he will eventually realize that you are the best woman to be with and that he did in fact make a mistake.


In conclusion, if you got anything from this article, I want you to get this…that your independent success is what matters most. Refrain from giving into your irrational emotions and do things that will ruin your chances of winning him back. Instead, keep your emotions in check. Show him with your actions that you are doing just fine without him. When the time is right, then you can start making a move towards subtly pulling him back into your life and away from the girl that he is with now.

There is more to this process and you can win him back no matter what happened. Please be sure to check out my Ex Boyfriend Guidance comprehensive strategy on the homepage and leave any questions or comments below. Thanks for visiting my site!

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