How To Win Him Back Over Text

So you broke up and now you are in some form of mental despair and want nothing more than to get your ex boyfriend back, but you just don’t have the emotional stability to speak to him face to face or even through a phone call. I get it. Heartbreak is a horrible feeling that can literally immobilize you to the point of not being able to do your normal daily functions. The good news is that you can win him back and you can do it with a few simple text messages! Here’s how to win him back over text.

What Not to Do

Before we get into the type of texts you should send him, we need to cover all of the things that you absolutely should not do if your overall goal is to get him back.

The first thing you need to understand, and I’ve said this a million times in just about every blog post on this site, is that you need to give this breakup some time. Step back and make no communication for a month. That’s right. Don’t text him anything for a month.

If you move too fast your chances of getting him back will be slim and none. You don’t want to seem desperate or needy, and you definitely don’t want to smoother him or stalk him. Give the breakup some time to breathe before you do anything. Even if he tries to contact you, ignore it. For at least 30 days.

Texting Strategy

Ok, now that you’ve given it some time, you’ve given yourself the best chance to succeed through text messages. That time away probably drove him crazy and now any communication from you will for sure have his full attention.

Your first text to him after this no contact period should be simple but meaningful. You don’t want to let him know you want him back yet, but you want to put some good, memorable thoughts into his head about the special relationship you once shared. Text him something about a moment that the two of you shared together and that for whatever reason, you were thinking about that just then.

From there you can have a simple back and forth conversation. I would just warn again about moving too fast here. A few texts on the first day and nothing more. Wait a day or two to send another.

Do not say anything about wanting to get back together with him just yet. You still want him to feel like you moved on and now these texts are just simple reminders to him about how good things used to be, but you’re happy with where you are. Think of the first stage of texting as just reaching out and still thinking about him because you were once best of friends and you don’t want to lose him in that regard.

This will drive him crazy! Knowing that you are moving on, AND doing better than you were when you were in the relationship will not sit well with him mentally. He will be jealous of the fact that you don’t need him and at some point he will probably want to meet up and talk. At this point you are golden and you will have complete control.


The main point here is to be patient, tread lightly and move slowly. The right texting strategy plays with his mind and psychology and slowly puts things in your favor. Doing it the wrong way will only land you in the same spot you were in after the breakup.

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