How To Win Your Boyfriend Back After A Fight

All good relationships experience heated and passionate arguments and fights. When you are with someone for so long and so often, this is an inevitable outcome. The difference between great relationships and any relationship is what happens afterward. Sure these fights can be so heated that they end up in a breakup, but this doesn’t have to be the final outcome. Here’s how to win your boyfriend back after a fight.

No Contact Period

If you are a first time visitor and reader of my blog, you’ll want to do some catching up about the no contact period. You need to give it some time. Literally read any other article on this website and you will find more information about how to do this and why it is important. In a nutshell, it gives you and him time to think more clearly and move forward with a more rational state-of-mind.

Your Next Move – Making Contact

If you’ve giving it enough time and you still know that you want to be with him, even after working on loving yourself during this break, your next move is making contact. At this point, you have a few options, depending on whether or not he’s reached out to you during the no contact period.

If he hasn’t tried communicating to you, a simple text to slide into his thoughts is a good start. You don’t want your text to be too long and too cheesy here. You absolutely do not want him to know that you want to get back together, rather more that you accept the breakup and you’re just interested in seeing how he is doing. You were together for a long time, right? And so being curious about his well-being and what he is up to now is certainly natural and not too forthcoming.

On the other hand, if he has tried texting you or calling during the no contact period, the ball is now in your court and you have the upper hand. Still a text works here. But instead of sending something that is more neutral, send him something about something that reminds you of him. And this should be something that only the two of you know about.

Either way, your first move should be a simple text. If he doesn’t respond, wait a day or more before you send another. You can, and should, be apologetic at some point, even if the fight wasn’t your fault to begin with. If he is a good man and still wants you as well, he should be apologetic to you as well and the conversation can move on from there. Just take it slow and really make sure that this relationship is in your own best interest before you move forward.

Be Apologetic, But Don’t Dwell on the Past

Once you have apologized about the fight, move forward and focus on how things will be better in the future rather than dwelling on the past. You don’t want to stir up bad emotions, so don’t even go there! If the two of you are meant to be together, you will both make plans of action to be better as a couple so these fights won’t be near as bad in the future and the end result of the fight will be love instead of a breakup.


As mentioned to start with, that every good relationship has arguments. Even heated arguments that could be classified as fights. The difference between good and bad relationships is what comes about after.

When you win back your man, make sure that you are both communicating with one another, and that you understand that fights are inevitable because you are two different humans with different thought processes, but ultimately you want to be together. So the next time the two of you have an argument, make sure that the end result doesn’t automatically end in a breakup.

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