Signs Your Ex Doesn’t Want You Back

Think your ex boyfriend is moving on with his life without you? How do you know for sure?

Many girls I talk to assume the worst after a breakup. That their life is now over and nothing they have done or can do will work to get him back. To make matters worse, they’re constantly infatuated with checking all of his social media platforms at every hour of the day, and this obsession consumes their lives.

Let me just say that these actions are not healthy and if the above describes you, it’s time you take a step back for a minute. If you want to get him back, you are going about it all the wrong ways. Even if you feel you’ve lost him forever and it’s too late to get him back, let me reassure you that it is not. It’s never too late and your old relationship can be salvaged.

With that being said, there are some obvious signs that your ex doesn’t want you back and now you are going to have to take some different steps to change some things. Here are a few signs your ex doesn’t want you back and what you can do to change his mind.

No Remorse

After a breakup it is normal for a person to reinforce their own reasoning for breaking up with you. They will act as if everything is great now and he’ll look for every little reason to back this up, even if it is not true.

So if your boyfriend who broke up with you seems happier now and shows no remorse or regrets after the breakup, this could just be an act. Give it some time and his real colors will shine eventually. But just know that it is 100% normal for someone to “act” like they made the right decision immediately after a breakup.

No Communication

This is a big red flag that YOU need to give this man some space! If he’s changed his number or he’s blocking or ignoring your phone calls and/or texts, he’s probably doing so because you are smothering him.

I don’t know the specific reasoning behind your breakup, but whatever you do, do the opposite of smothering him. This will only work against you. If he isn’t talking to you at all at the moment, it’s likely because of the way you are acting. Do yourself a favor and chill out for a bit. If you don’t, you risking losing this man forever.

Harsh Words and Actions

Is he calling you names? Is he acting out in a non-calm manner? These are all normal emotional reactions men have after a breakup. Keep in mind that whatever he says immediately after a breakup, he probably doesn’t mean those things, no matter how negative they are.

Men tend to express their anger and emotions outwardly without thinking too much immediately after something like a breakup happens. My advice here is to weather the storm for the time being, and again, give the man some space. Cooler heads will prevail.


There are a few main points I want you to take from this article. The first is that I don’t want you to put too much stock into your man’s actions and reactions immediately after a breakup. Emotions can and do get the best of people, so just understand this and take everything with a grain of salt.

The second main point is that you need to step away from the relationship for a bit and give it some time. This is the absolute best thing you can do right now. Become unavailable to your ex and at some point down the road you will have the advantage and the ball will then be in your court, so to speak.

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