Something To Say To Get Your Ex Back

Getting your ex back is possible, and I’ve helped thousands of broken couple rekindle their loving relationships. There are several variables in the process that will determine your success, but one of the most important things to consider is dialogue and how communicate what you say. So is there something you can say to get your ex back? Let’s take a look at all of the right and wrong things to say to improve your chances.

Say You’re Sorry

The right things to say will inherently depend on your unique situation and what caused the breakup in the first place. But for most people, “sorry” is a good start.

No matter if you’re at fault or he is, being sorry and coming from a genuine apologetic state of mind is a good place to start assuming you want him back. Don’t overdo it. Just simply apologize things are the way they are, and you are willing to take at least half the blame for it. This will certainly get the ball rolling for more dialogue.


If you adhere to the no contact rule and give your relationship a much needed break, this will work even better. But reminiscing in the past can go along ways to winning back your ex boyfriend. The time you took away will certainly make him reflect on the good and great times you guys used to have together. And if there are still sparks in the fire, this could stoke it up even more.

Everybody inherently likes to ponder about how great things were at one time. When you remind of these times, it will bring back emotional feelings that he may want to relive. The key here is timing. Don’t overdo it and be subtle about how you approach all of your conversations.

Give Praise and Always Talk About Him

People like hearing about themselves in a positive manner and being praised. It’s one of the most important points Dale Carnegie makes in his timeless classic self-help book, “How to Win Friends and Influence People”.

If your ex man isn’t with anyone at the moment, it’s likely that he hasn’t been getting the verbal positive feedback that he was when he was with you. So when you give him a little taste of this praise and positivity and should only reaffirm that he has been missing that in his life and he may want it back.

Find things about his demeanor or actions that deserve praise and compliments. Again, delivery and timing are crucial to be successful here. Don’t overdo the cheesiness and make it genuine if you want this to work.

Be Passionate and Optimistic

Men find passionate and optimistic girls sexy and attractive. Talk to him about how passionate you are about the future and what you are doing to improve things in your life, and there is a good chance he’ll want to be a big part of that.

Last, but Not Least, be Thankful

One of the most important things to say to your ex boyfriend if you want him back is thank you. Be genuinely grateful for things he’s done and things he’s doing. This is a great place to start even, when you are ready to open dialogue with him. Call him and thank him for what he’s added to your life and tell him that you’ve been thinking a lot and those positives are really missing in your life right now.


Most of the above are great starter points and things to get the dialogue rolling for you assuming you want to win back his love and affection. Again, timing and how you approach the conversation mean everything here.

If you are hungry for more information about winning back your ex boyfriend, be sure to check out my informative guide on the homepage and also watch the video that follows. Thanks again!

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