Ways To Get Your Boyfriend Back

No matter who’s at fault in your past relationship, you want him back, and that’s clear. You’ll be happy to know that no matter what happened and how the breakup all went down, you can have him back as long as you do things right and take the proper steps towards your goal. The key is to be patient and do things right without pushing it too much. Here are a few ways to get your ex boyfriend back.

First, check the brakes on your phone calls, texts, visits and any other ideas you have to move in on him just yet. I know you’re hurting, but if you move in too fast it could come off to him as borderline stalking and/or spying. So just take a very deep breath and give this some time so you can strategize and plan out exactly how you are going to make this work.

Next, work on getting better yourself. If you want to win him back, the best way to do that is to show him how you improved. Work on improving yourself in every facet you can; physically, mentally and financially. If he can see you as a better person, you’ll have a better shot to get him back.

Say you’re sorry and instead of dwelling on the past, push it aside, forgive each other and learn from your past mistakes. If you constantly live in the past and dwell on how things used to be, like your arguments and fights, it will be hard to move on and make things better. Communicate to him about how serious you are about wanting to be with him. Say you are sorry and be genuinely apologetic.

When you do finally get the chance to be around him, initiate contact. If it’s been months since you’ve really had any contact with him, he might be a little hesitant to make physical contact, so I would advise to take the initiative and reach out. Don’t overdo it! Little things like resting on his shoulder, holding his hand and/or a simple touch will work at first.

Last but not least, communication is key. Check your old habits at the door and make sure that the both of you are open and honest with each other. Communicate everything that you can about your feelings, good or bad, and it will make for a better relationship in the long run. Ultimately communication is the only way to make it work, so this has to be a two way door here. But if you want him back, you’ll have to be the one to start making the changes and communicate everything you can.

I hope this article has been helpful. There is a lot more on this site to help you get your ex boyfriend back! Be sure to check out the guide on the homepage if you haven’t already. And leave a comment below if you have any questions.

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